One of the reliable quality leather exporters in Kolkata

leather03Amongst the top Quality leather Exporters Kolkata is the famous Ahmed Enterprises in Kolkata who are well-renowned for delivering the best quality products. With exclusive and wide range of leather products we deal in we are well known for our products like Welding Gloves, Leather Apron and for Leather Welding Blankets throughout Kolkata. With the best raw material used for making all the products we ensure the quality. .The best leather material sourced for the famous and trusted leather vendors, we never focus on providing quantitative services to our customers.

With our continuous and dedicated efforts we have scratched our name as Top Leather Manufacturers in Kolkata on the market tree with laying our branches in the field of leather products. Offering the customer friendly services are what have attracted the customers towards us from decades. Hundreds of Satisfied and continuous customers is what will depict our success. The customer oriented business policies that focus on gaining the trust of the customers is the strategy we adopt.

The expert team that is highly qualified with the appropriate experience is what ensures the quality of the service we provide you with. The updated and latest technology comprising our tools has let us stand out in the market as; it offers the best quality and quantity of the product. We have extremely professional team of the Basic Material Procurement agents, Warehouse Managers, Logistic Support Executives, Marketing and Sales Officials along with the Administrative personnel.

Offering the best leather products at the affordable rates has made us the top notch suppliers of the leather products. Our packaging team is highly professional and packs the products with the best quality packaging material. With all the ethical business practices we have struggled our way on the top of the Leather Manufacturers in Kolkata. The proper screening of all the products, that is carried out before the displaying of the products online and even before, the process of delivery and during the packaging process, is what we carry out and that is why we are known for providing the high quality products. The 100% customer satisfaction is the clear motto of Ahmed Enterprises and that can easily be seen with the hundreds of already satisfied customers. We offer a great deal and variety of products when it comes to the leather production, the best raw material fetched by our experts and the highly maintained and modern machinery that formulate the raw material into exclusive collection of products is what makes us best in the market. The dealers those are dealing with us have a great trust on us and we have earned it with our efforts to become one of the Quality Leather Exporters Kolkata.

The lead Leather Manufacturers in Kolkata, Ahmed Enterprises can be trusted for delivering the best quality leather in market.


We are the top leather goods exporter in India

59ac7f51-85a2-4668-a475-a85e697d1743We are one of the most producers and suppliers of first-class leather-based objects in India. We specialize in consulting, designing and fabricating bespoke products for our retail and wholesale purchasers within the country Leather Goods Manufacturer India and the leisure of the arena.

We emphasize a powerful vertical market, and whether it’s the texture of the product or the form, the variant in colors or its sturdiness, we uphold the easiest standards of our merchandise, Leather Goods Manufacturer Kolkata.

With a dynamic production unit, we have the complete talents to reply to your exact wants. We are the top leather goods exporter in India, promising to furnish you with the finest first-rate products, constantly.

From purses to wallets, handbags to backpacks, journey bags to mobile cases, card casings to belts, and boots to different trend accessories, find an individual variety of world-type products, handiest at Ahmed production exclusive constrained – the matchless company of leather goods in India.

Our skilled and experienced craftsmen cater to a motley of patrons to present prime-category, flawless, and durable gadgets just the best way they want them to be. Leather-based is a timeless thing. And, we strive to make it even higher for you.

Our features

Our characteristic products

Leather-based luggage

Leather-based Wallets

Leather Purse

A tremendous leather Key and Card Case variety in India

We’re the providers of now not simply trend objects but we can additionally attend to extra useful necessities. Say, you are wanting a excellent leather-based card case in India. Ahmed construction confidential limited would be the best website to consult. Will it not be a factor of extreme mode to carry all your essential cards in a worldly, chic shell?

Additionally, in case you are looking for a simple, handcrafted leather key case in India, you could have landed upon the right location. We are a staff of unique, inspired, and devoted craftsmen, manufacturing handcrafted products which might be rich in magnificence, class, form, functionality and, of direction, sturdiness.

Our finesse offers us the upper hand to create merchandise with the integrity and excellence of lifelong authenticity. Our variety of products also includes custom-made leather portfolio in India for the legitimate, profitable, industry-minded crowd.

All of our products are manufactured from pleasant leather-based and we ensure that the entire merchandise have custom-made finish. The first-rate assortments of merchandise we manufacture are as follows:

Why avail yourself of our leather merchandise?

We are the trusted leather-based women goods manufacturer in India and have a exceptional available in the market.

Client pleasure is our top motto and we take consumer suggestions seriously, we’ve got mounted strategic approaches to manufacture top-end leather-based items on the best rate. Assembly every specified need of the buyers has grown to be under our important responsibility and no matter whether or not they’re watching of, be it a easy card case or some bespoke merchandise, we be certain that their necessities are fully met.

Our unparalleled product ranges have perpetually been our prime strength and we take tremendous pleasure in dominating the national as good as worldwide marketplace for an extended period of time.

Most importantly, the rate we charge is extremely low cost and we’ve got products for all budgets. We ensure that you do not need to expertise a gap on your pocket whilst browsing from our broad collection!

Why You Should Choose the Best Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata

14757_1Leather based products are often called the genuine leather products. Today, you will get various kinds of leather type products that can dazzle you and lead to the wrong direction. The genuine leather is derived from the hides of different kinds of animals and they are processed in a system. The leather processing is really a critical matter as wrong processing can deteriorate the quality of the leather. From the raw hides to tanning and coloring of leather with certain features, the leather manufacturer needs to have huge accommodation so that you can get the best sort of quality leather. The best Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata prepares different kinds of leathers which are stand alone in the international market.

Always choose the best quality leather

Basically, the leather is derived from the cows. There are lots of manufacturing processes involved in the productions of leather. From the small and medium level companies to the renowned and large companies, they follow the process same process. The production of leather should be followed a specific strategy. For different kinds of leather products, the processing of leather is different. Most of the fashion accessories are made with exclusive leathers. Only the best leather manufacturer in Kolkata produces the best quality leather for all sorts of leather products which are best in quality for exporting.

For making shoes, hand bags, belts and other kinds of leather goods are made with different kinds of leather. For exporting leather, the quality of leather is also should be exclusive and the entire process from the start to final finish should be exclusive.

Choose the best manufacturer

There are lots of leather manufacturing companies in India, which supply leather in foreign countries. However, there are a few companies in Kolkata where you will get export quality leather. Quality leather exporter Kolkata produces the best quality leather so that the reputation can be grasped forever. They feel the urge if once reputation of business is gone, it can hardly be recovered. So, they deal genuinely with the foreign exporters businessmen. Ultimately, Ahmed Enterprise always creates the genuine leather with the best raw leather.

Some variety of leathers that the best manufactures creates-

  • Vegetable tanned leather

  • Brain tanned leathers

  • Chamois tanned leather

  • Chrome-tanned leather

  • Suede leather

  • Cow print pull up

  • Cow split crackle

  • Milled PU finished

  • Cow split Snake print leather, etc.

When you decide to do business with any foreign company and want to export leather to them, you always have to contact the best leather processing company preparing the best quality leather with so many varieties. You should always contact Ahmed enterprise, the best Quality Leather Exporter Kolkata to get quality leather spontaneously.

Why Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata is the Best

asplLeather is an essential product that is well known from the ages. The use of the leather is not new to anybody. For making a shoe to a vanity bag, from a fancy leather coat to the musical instrument, everywhere you will see the user of leather. Now, for preparing so many items useful for everyday life, you need to have a proper source to have them. Basically, from the raw leather you cannot make anything. The best leather manufactures in Kolkata take the raw leather and arrange for tanning it according to the requirement.

What is the process of leather processing?

  • The raw leather unhairing has been done

  • Then the liming process has been done with perfect supervision

  • The liming allows to loosen the leather to take proper color applied in tanning process

  • Limes hides of an animal get swollen and the leather processing person can split it more than one layer or as expected

The final preparation process

The best leather products exporter India always goes somehow beyond the quality that the buyer expects. This the reputation of the manufacturer thus increases. The preparation processes of them are as follows-

  • Leather soaking

  • Leather fleshing

  • Leather Unhairing

  • Deliming

  • Bating

  • Degreasing

  • Tanning (chrome tanning, wet-blue, vegetable tanning, etc)

The first leather derived from any dead animal is preserved and dried with salt and some other chemicals. The water soaking allows releasing the salt and other dirt, animal fats, etc. Then, the machine is used to unhair the leather and making it clean for further processing. The best leather manufacturer in Kolkata does the liming process then to loosen fibers so that it can absorb other chemicals and colors properly. The deliming is also done for making it free from lime. The gradual process of tanning progresses and you will get a fine tanned leather.

How to Be a Successful Quality Leather Exporter Kolkata

24-colors-good-quality-litchi-grain-pu-leather-faux-leather-fabric-for-sewing-synthetic-leather-artificialLeather is one of the things that bring a lot of foreign exchange to the country. However, the quality of the leather should be always good enough. When you want to start an export business on leather, you have to be alert to some matters. You have to learn the best quality leather exporter India and their trait that they follow. This might help to grow in that business. Different business organization follow different norms and traits, however, you have to follow your own keeping their basic theories in mind.

  • At first you have to study the world market, their trends, demands and the quality they want.

  • For performing a great export business, you have to keep in mind of the quality the importer demands.

  • Some countries demand some specific genre of products, of the products made of specific leathers. You have to keep the matter in mind.

  • You also have to keep in mind the laws of the specific government and their policies on export products. You have to be up-to-date on the matter.

  • When you want to export a particular product, you have to take the entire information about the product. Otherwise, the importer might reject your leather goods.

  • Sometimes, tanned leather is being exported directly to the overseas countries. Then, you have to learn the basic quality of the leather, the quality of the tan, the quality of the leather and the type of finished leather.

  • To become a reputed quality leather exporter Kolkata, you have to take part in the international exhibitions to display your export products. Whether you are a proprietor of a company, or you deal in the product, you have to choose the best quality product for the same.

You have to learn the exact international market price of the same product you do business, and the local price so that you do not get cheated. In this way you can become a quality leather exporter India.

How to Decide the Best Leather Goods Manufacturer India

Fabrikant van Klein LederwarenWhen you want to buy different kinds of leather goods, you will get at a loss to choose the quality of the leather to which the product is made. Then, you have to choose feeling the outer look and its final finish. When this is a matter for an exporter or importer, it is really a critical matter. If you cannot choose the right product, you are a loser! All the products will be rejected with a great loss. So, when you have to choose the best leather goods manufacturer India so that you can do your export business to the foreign importers. For making the business smooth, choose the best raw leather manufactures, tanners and leather goods manufactures.

How to choose the best leather goods manufactures

Raw leather tanning companies play a great role when you select good product. You have to choose the best leather tanning and processing company if you are a leather goods producing company. If you get a company that produces raw leather, and tanning process by maintaining quality, and they produce export quality leather goods with fine finish, you can choose the company for your next level export business. Kolkata is reputed for producing tanned leather manufacturing and its design finishing. So, you can choose the best leather goods manufacturer Kolkata, for having export quality leather and leather goods.

You have to look for the company which follows the following qualities-

  • They use wide varieties of finished leather

  • The quality of the tanned leather fulfills the international credentials

  • The leather craftsmen are qualified and experienced

  • They should have qualified leather goods designers

  • They should have easy payment process along with online payment

  • The related infrastructure should be excellent

  • The price range is acceptable

So, for getting a company that maintains all the qualities, you have to choose leather goods manufacturer India and enjoy your export business.

Find Out the Best Leather Exporter in India to Raise Your Business

4855_3Among all other export products, leather is one of the vital one that brings a lot of foreign exchange in India. But, if you are a businessman you have to contact that sort of companies which has the quality production and maintains the quality for ages. There are a few companies which produce exportable leather and so, you should never fall in the trap of any person or company that cannot supply quality products. So, you have to contact the best Leather Exporter in Kolkata to achieve your goal.

As leather is the widely traded commodities globally, the growth of the leather industry has been noticed in various nook and corners of India. So, you must have to justify the quality products along with the affordability when you have export the products. You know when you gain more the risk is also obvious. The foreign companies may reject your bought product at any point of time for the reason of quality. If you raise the price, they will take the product from the other business magnets. So, you have to be assured the lowest ever rate and its spontaneous quality.

When you are exporting tanned and colored leather with fine finish, you must choose the best leather exporter in India. If you suppose find a company like Ahmed Enterprise you will always get quality leather as you want.

  • You will get here-

  • Cow antique look

  • Cow split Crackle

  • Suede leather

  • Milled PU finished

  • Cow distress leather

  • Cow split leather with snake print

  • Cow print pull up

  • Cow split antique leather, etc.

There are lots of varieties are available which are always qualitative and affordable. The quality is always guaranteed so that the foreign purchasers or importers get satisfaction from the quality. So, contact Ahmed Enterprise, the best leather exporter in Kolkata.

Deal in Leather Goods with the Best Leather Exporter in India

14757_1Leather goods are well-known from the unknown past, and they are incorporated with aristocratic for everybody. Among all other leather goods producing countries, India is remarkable for manufacturing best quality leather items. The quality of leather goods depends on various kinds of factors like-

  • The quality of leather item

  • The raw leather processing system

  • The tanning process and maintaining system

  • The entire leather processing infrastructure

  • The expert manpower who works under the company

  • For better quality leather goods, you have to contact the best leather exporter in Kolkata where you will get authentic leather products

  • The raw leather processing is a vital matter to achieve the best quality leather products

  • Some companies process only raw leather and tan then to get high quality leather product

  • If you want to get the best quality leather for exporting them, you have to contact the best leather exporter in India.

  • The tannin and its color selection are also important and you need to get that sort of colors which meets the requirement of the clients.

When you will get a leather processing and manufacturing company, your export business will be highly reputable. You have to keep in mind that you have to contact that company where you will get export quality products at the reasonable price.

There are a few leather manufacturing companies which produce international quality leather products. However you have to choose them. Today, a number of companies demand that their products are the best in the in the international market. However, the products are not as per the norms of international quality standards. If you are new in the leather market, you have to contact the best leather exporter in India, identify the product quality, and then start the business in the overseas market.

Deal In best Leather Goods Manufacturer India for Quality Assurance

leather04When a end user uses the leather items, they do not think of its tanner and processors. They think of the leather product manufacturers. This is the original truth everybody knows. But, when you are a businessman dealing in tanned and processed leather with the companies, he should think of the leather processors and tanning companies. This is the reason; you have to think of the best leather goods manufacturer India where you can get a certified leather quality and without any harassment.

What will be your measurement stick for the companies?

When you are about to deal in the raw leather goods for supplying other companies that are engaged in leather products manufacturing? Here, your reputation is highly interlinked to successful business. If you supply wrong products with lower quality as the expect, your deal will be cancelled and other seller will hold their head high. So, before supplying the products to the best companies, you have to justify the quality productions of the companies from which you collect leather goods.

You have to justify-

  • The quality products you really want

  • The leather product development process

  • The leather item found after final finish

  • How their marketing policies are

When you will deal in such a company while raw leather purchasing, you should consider the following points.

  • The leather item should always be as per your order

  • Only well-equipped infrastructure can supply the product that you really want

  • If you are a local businessman, it is better finding out the best leather goods manufacturer Kolkata

  • The ethical business process that that should follow

  • Timely delivery of the exact order that you given

  • Easy payment method is also a great question of successful leather business

  • The dealings will be transparent and there will be no ambiguity in it

  • They should always think of your concert as you are their clients

Then only you can win reputation to the other companies to which you will deal in. so, you to find out the best leather goods manufacturer Kolkata.

Contact Leather Goods Exporter for Better Products

KTM-1Leather products are highly adorable and affectionate among the people of the modern world, the journey of which has started from the time immemorial. From the mythological age to the modern world, the leather industry has become the most adorable and prime preference for its longevity, durability, fine finish, and all its immaculate qualities. However, leather is used in some music instrument, it has also been used for preparing various kinds of jacket wears, vanity bags, luggage, purse and similar other goods. Here we’ll discuss about the best leather goods excluding music instruments.

If you are a businessman or the user of leather goods, you will get the demand of high quality products. This is the reason you have to find out the best Leather Products Manufacturer in India. There is no matter whether you are a personal user or an exporter, you must find the quality products. You have to look the followings:

  • The final finish of a leather

  • Whether it is matt finish, raw finish or elegant finish

  • The price in respect of the quality production

  • Along with the leather quality, the quality of manufacture is remarkable

  • The final finish of the product should be excellent

  • The quality should be elegant

  • The product should be well comparable in the competitive market

  • When you have to export a leather product, quality should be comparable to foreign market

  • Only the best Leather Products Exporter India can provide you the best quality leather and final finished products.

In this respect Ahmed Enterprise offers you an assured products having exclusively export quality. This is the most renowned Leather Products Manufacturer in India and their success is soaring high day by day for their well equipped infrastructure, ethical business policies, professional experts and designers, easy payment policies and on time delivery.