zo0m5306Objects that are made out of leather are mostly classy appearance, which cannot match with any material. It is highly synthetic, natural and elegant outlook.  There are any products which are the replica products of genuine leather, you won’t be able to distinguish the difference of the two material one being pure and other not so much. There are products which are made of genuine leather called ‘genuine leader products’, whereas some are called as ‘made with genuine leather’. This is entirely an ambiguous term which is often used by the marketers to mislead a consumer.  

Buying a leather product is a dream to everyone as it is one of the most sophisticated out looking product or sometimes outfit that states a higher class. There are certain points to note while selecting leather products;

1.       Try to be wary of any sort of product which does not precisely claim to be real leather.  The labeled term manmade leather is definitely the synthetic. Using a good product will definitely have tags, but how will you find out whether it is pure of not! Check the list which includes real leather, genuine leather, top/full grain leather, and made with animals prints.

2.       Check out the surface of the grains. If the upper case has little pebbles and pores on it, be sure of the fact that it is a sign of genuine leather. Always remember that real leather is made out of animal skin, so it cannot be super smooth, in fact, elasticity will be present as well. 

3.       Press the leather product with your fingers to find out whether it has wrinkle or crease on it or not.  Any genuine leather will have wrinkles under the tough similar to the real skin. Whereas, the synthetic will be right and in shape.

4.       Smell is an important factor which will be always present in Leather Goods Manufacturer India; try to find out a natural leather smell which never goes away in spite, of the high manufacturing process.

Buy a product of your own wish from the leading Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata for the best and genuine item.


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