leatherEveryone in this world wants to look more beautiful and more stylish. In present time, most of things are made up of leather. Leather looks beautiful and it add more grace and charm in it. It helps in making thing more durable. If you are looking for the best leather exporter in India then it is only one name that comes to your head that is Ahmed enterprises. The firm is established in 2008, it is one of the leading and most renowned companies in the Kolkata.

The Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata, provides the best quality of leather. Every type of leather is available in here. The organisation believes in hard work and always delivers their services and products on time. The main focus of the company is to develop the quality of leather products, produce the best quality of leather; the design of the leather should be best and marketing of the products within in the range of competitive price. The other aspect of the company is customer satisfaction and good outcomes. The fine and best quality delivery services make the Leather Exporter In Kolkata proud and best name in the list in Kolkata.

Range of variety is presented to you such as Cow crunch leather includes Chromium-VI free product, FFDC free product. (Free Formal Dehyde Content), AZO free and Available in all vibrant colour, cow floater leather includes, cow distress, goat distress, cow split antique leather, suede leather, cow antique look, cow print pull up and many more best quality of leather is available. The company is very famous and reputed and there are some reasons behind it, for example, the facility is well equipped, all staff members are highly skilled and experienced.


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