Off late, the leather importers and exporters of the nation have been earning huge profits in their company due to the effects of mass globalisation. Leather items are in great demand in the international industry and as well as the local marketplaces, that is why a good number of leather products are imported and exported from Indian every year. The Kolkata traders not only export leather but they are also significant leather importers.

The international leather companies are increasing at an enormous speed offering numerous business possibilities for the exporters of the nation. The foreign leather buyers are keen to transfer accessories, clothes and other products manufactured in Indian. Especially, the European leather importers are the main source of company for the Kolkata exporters. The Kolkata leather exporters are acknowledged in the international platform for offering quality items cheaply. Because of the rising demands of Leather Exporter In Kolkata items in the international marketplaces, the leather industry in the nation is also increasing tremendously. It holds massive career potential for the weaker sections of the society simultaneously adding to the economic empowerment of the nation. The exporters’ accounts for a significant discuss of the international leather suppliers.

Indian Leather Industry: Employment and Growth

The post-liberalisation era has opened up surfeit possibilities for the Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata. With international players looking for new sourcing options which in addition to China, India stands to gain a bigger share of the international industry. Leading brands from the US and Europe is either importing or planning to source leather and leather items from India.

The Leather Exporter In India occupies a prominent place in the Kolkata economy, in view of its substantial trade earnings, career potential and development. Leather and its items were amongst the top ten trade earners for the nation and are the 10th largest among the Kolkata manufacturing sector.


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