image1-001The Indian leather industry has come a long way to be producing goods and services worth $11 Billion in beginning of 2016. The leather goods manufacturer India caters to both, domestic and international clients. It has established itself as synonym for high quality, consistency, durability and class. Presently, the Indian leather industry operates majorly from seven hubs.

One of these hubs is the Kolkata in the state of West Bengal. Similar to the meticulously made amazing goddess Durga idols, the perfect blend of sight, aroma and taste of the world famous macher jhol, the leather goods manufacturer Kolkata takes pride in perfection in their work. With around 500 tanneries, currently Kolkata is second most important tanning center in India. It handles 20% to 25% of the entire leather tanning needs in India. This hub also proudly handles 55% exports of all leather exports from India!

Way back in 40s, the leather goods manufacturer Kolkata were mainly into tanning. However, since then, they have rapidly moved up the value chain particularly after the 1990s when the Government of India recognized leather industry as one of the focus areas and created suitably encouraging regulations to promote growth and expansion. Over the years, the leather industry in Kolkata has tirelessly worked upon consolidating its core strength in tanning. It also swiftly branched off to side products. These systematic efforts have been paying off by dramatically changing how the leather industry from Kolkata is viewed by the world. In addition to retaining its crown to be continuously counted among the top raw leather supplier or tanning service provider, now the leatherwork from Kolkata is also renowned for its products.

Today the leather industry, particularly the Kolkata leather industry, makes the entire breadth of leather products. The range spans to cover consumer goods and leather needs of other businesses. On the consumer product side, the Kolkata leather industry is well known for producing every single leather product that people use in their day-to-day lives such as belts, footwear, wallets, women purses, women handbags, etc. Another exceptional aspect about the Kolkata leather industry is that its products cover the entire price points – from basic items to exquisite ultra-luxury items. Like the other leather goods manufacturer India, the leather goods manufacturer Kolkata are not shy to flex their muscles worldwide. Competing head-on with the best leather stalwarts from around the world, the Kolkata leather manufactures are leaving their paw marks all over the globe including the excruciatingly demanding fashion industry in Europe. It is this plethora of products and services, knitted by steel of untiring work day after day, incredible teamwork, and persistently challenging itself to raise the bar, which makes the Kolkata leather industry as well as the India leather industry to be the all rounded winner.


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