asplLeather is an essential product that is well known from the ages. The use of the leather is not new to anybody. For making a shoe to a vanity bag, from a fancy leather coat to the musical instrument, everywhere you will see the user of leather. Now, for preparing so many items useful for everyday life, you need to have a proper source to have them. Basically, from the raw leather you cannot make anything. The best leather manufactures in Kolkata take the raw leather and arrange for tanning it according to the requirement.

What is the process of leather processing?

  • The raw leather unhairing has been done

  • Then the liming process has been done with perfect supervision

  • The liming allows to loosen the leather to take proper color applied in tanning process

  • Limes hides of an animal get swollen and the leather processing person can split it more than one layer or as expected

The final preparation process

The best leather products exporter India always goes somehow beyond the quality that the buyer expects. This the reputation of the manufacturer thus increases. The preparation processes of them are as follows-

  • Leather soaking

  • Leather fleshing

  • Leather Unhairing

  • Deliming

  • Bating

  • Degreasing

  • Tanning (chrome tanning, wet-blue, vegetable tanning, etc)

The first leather derived from any dead animal is preserved and dried with salt and some other chemicals. The water soaking allows releasing the salt and other dirt, animal fats, etc. Then, the machine is used to unhair the leather and making it clean for further processing. The best leather manufacturer in Kolkata does the liming process then to loosen fibers so that it can absorb other chemicals and colors properly. The deliming is also done for making it free from lime. The gradual process of tanning progresses and you will get a fine tanned leather.


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