maxresdefaultLeather has always been one of the most sought after materials amongst individuals of all classes. With Shoes to Jackets being made of leather, the demand for this particular material has gone up in the recent years. To cater to the ever growing demand and a short supply at times, Ahmed Enterprises from Kolkata has been a pioneer in the field of Leather products since 2008 and have created quite a footprint being leather exporter in Kolkata.

Being premium leather exporters in India and Kolkata, Ahmed Enterprises has carved a niche for itself ever since it set its foot in the industry. It is one of the leading leather dressing and tanning leather company in Kolkata. They specialise in a variety of Cow Split leather fabrics, Goat milled leather, Milled leather fabrics, Antique leather fabrics, etc. all being supervised and guided under the sole proprietorship of Mr. Imran Ahmed from Kolkata. Being a leather exporter in India, Ahmed Enterprises is known for its meticulous manufacturing of saddler harness, luggage handbags along with other fine leather finished goods. There are various methods that go into bringing that perfectly finished good into the market for use right from Designing, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing.

Leather exporters in India require extremely minute planning and a variety of products to cater to the growing market. With many products being manufactured from leather, there are different types of products that Ahmed Enterprises manufactures and tans such as Cow and Goat Distress leather, Suede Leather, Cow antique look leather, Goat cracker leather, Goat milled nappa, Cow print pull up, Cow DDMN, etc. Besides these there are other products that are manufactured by the company using high quality machinery, making them the best leather exporters in Kolkata and India today!


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