How do understand if you are Buying Genuine Leather?

zo0m5306Objects that are made out of leather are mostly classy appearance, which cannot match with any material. It is highly synthetic, natural and elegant outlook.  There are any products which are the replica products of genuine leather, you won’t be able to distinguish the difference of the two material one being pure and other not so much. There are products which are made of genuine leather called ‘genuine leader products’, whereas some are called as ‘made with genuine leather’. This is entirely an ambiguous term which is often used by the marketers to mislead a consumer.  

Buying a leather product is a dream to everyone as it is one of the most sophisticated out looking product or sometimes outfit that states a higher class. There are certain points to note while selecting leather products;

1.       Try to be wary of any sort of product which does not precisely claim to be real leather.  The labeled term manmade leather is definitely the synthetic. Using a good product will definitely have tags, but how will you find out whether it is pure of not! Check the list which includes real leather, genuine leather, top/full grain leather, and made with animals prints.

2.       Check out the surface of the grains. If the upper case has little pebbles and pores on it, be sure of the fact that it is a sign of genuine leather. Always remember that real leather is made out of animal skin, so it cannot be super smooth, in fact, elasticity will be present as well. 

3.       Press the leather product with your fingers to find out whether it has wrinkle or crease on it or not.  Any genuine leather will have wrinkles under the tough similar to the real skin. Whereas, the synthetic will be right and in shape.

4.       Smell is an important factor which will be always present in Leather Goods Manufacturer India; try to find out a natural leather smell which never goes away in spite, of the high manufacturing process.

Buy a product of your own wish from the leading Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata for the best and genuine item.


Make your life more stylish with good leather

leatherEveryone in this world wants to look more beautiful and more stylish. In present time, most of things are made up of leather. Leather looks beautiful and it add more grace and charm in it. It helps in making thing more durable. If you are looking for the best leather exporter in India then it is only one name that comes to your head that is Ahmed enterprises. The firm is established in 2008, it is one of the leading and most renowned companies in the Kolkata.

The Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata, provides the best quality of leather. Every type of leather is available in here. The organisation believes in hard work and always delivers their services and products on time. The main focus of the company is to develop the quality of leather products, produce the best quality of leather; the design of the leather should be best and marketing of the products within in the range of competitive price. The other aspect of the company is customer satisfaction and good outcomes. The fine and best quality delivery services make the Leather Exporter In Kolkata proud and best name in the list in Kolkata.

Range of variety is presented to you such as Cow crunch leather includes Chromium-VI free product, FFDC free product. (Free Formal Dehyde Content), AZO free and Available in all vibrant colour, cow floater leather includes, cow distress, goat distress, cow split antique leather, suede leather, cow antique look, cow print pull up and many more best quality of leather is available. The company is very famous and reputed and there are some reasons behind it, for example, the facility is well equipped, all staff members are highly skilled and experienced.

Reaping Profits In The Growing International Markets: Leather Exporter In Kolkata

Off late, the leather importers and exporters of the nation have been earning huge profits in their company due to the effects of mass globalisation. Leather items are in great demand in the international industry and as well as the local marketplaces, that is why a good number of leather products are imported and exported from Indian every year. The Kolkata traders not only export leather but they are also significant leather importers.

The international leather companies are increasing at an enormous speed offering numerous business possibilities for the exporters of the nation. The foreign leather buyers are keen to transfer accessories, clothes and other products manufactured in Indian. Especially, the European leather importers are the main source of company for the Kolkata exporters. The Kolkata leather exporters are acknowledged in the international platform for offering quality items cheaply. Because of the rising demands of Leather Exporter In Kolkata items in the international marketplaces, the leather industry in the nation is also increasing tremendously. It holds massive career potential for the weaker sections of the society simultaneously adding to the economic empowerment of the nation. The exporters’ accounts for a significant discuss of the international leather suppliers.

Indian Leather Industry: Employment and Growth

The post-liberalisation era has opened up surfeit possibilities for the Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata. With international players looking for new sourcing options which in addition to China, India stands to gain a bigger share of the international industry. Leading brands from the US and Europe is either importing or planning to source leather and leather items from India.

The Leather Exporter In India occupies a prominent place in the Kolkata economy, in view of its substantial trade earnings, career potential and development. Leather and its items were amongst the top ten trade earners for the nation and are the 10th largest among the Kolkata manufacturing sector.

Ahmed Enterprise Is The quality Leather Exporter In Kolkata

banner-4Making leather is not at all easy task. It is made with the tanning of hides and skins of animals. This company does lot of home work for making the skin durable, long lasting and full flexible. And if the company gives 100 percent to this product then the result is ultimately the same. And the same happens with this company Ahmed Enterprise. With it lots of efforts and hard work company has become the top rated leather manufacturer in Kolkata.

It almost takes so many years to become a number one leather exporter in India and this company has done this with very proud and has maintained its quality and price. This is the company which comes in top 7 industries which earns foreign exchange for their nation with the export business of leather. It deals with all varieties of leather and with durability and with lightweight and softer while touching. The main focus of the leather lovers are the handmade leather products.

The leather manufacturer in Kolkata has developed so much that it has the best growth and investments in business of different types of leather. Investing in any leather industry will give amazing and best achievements in the global trading industry. With the constant growth of this industry will make it a number one Leather Exporter in India.

The Leather Exporter in Kolkata has highest ranking exporter which is dealing with the best brands all over the globe like Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Gucci, Versace and DKNY. These all the companies are trading with this Ahmed Enterprises for all the leather products for their best brands.

This company’s business is the most expanding and burgeoning business which is providing a huge share in the country’s economy. You can hunt so many good deals here and choose the best out of it for you all.

Ahmed Enterprise is the best Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata

shutterstock_429629293Leathers are very fine grained and tanned sole which is very popular among everybody and every user. It is awkwardly tanned and well worn product which gives the durability to the product. And if you want the finest leather manufacturer in Kolkata then you are on right way for this Ahmed Enterprise. They are the best and leading Leather Exporter in India. The company is dealing in the finest ranging leather for all the users and they have even ultimate variety of the leather which a client is always interested for. The company manufacturer so many types of products with the leather for both male and female users.

This Ahmed Enterprise is the registered company and it deals in all types of leather like cow crunch, buff two tones, cow floater, Bombay brown and fox leather and many more. This is one of best leather Exporter of Kolkata. They have huge verity of leather; these are the just few of them. Their main aim is the quality and new and awesome designs for their clients. That is the reason for it’s of being number Leather Exporter in India.

You will get the special and precious range of leather at a very affordable price. You will never get the heaviest and good sole at this range with any other Leather manufacturer in Kolkata.

They are best in dealing with all types leather finished goods, of optimal quality only. The company is giving a wide range of leathers which will make you look more stylish and classy. They are best in dealing all types of leather product.

This company’s best part is that it never compromises with the quality. They always want their client to be happy with the best product in their hand. So come and have this soft leather for your unique and new style statement.

Locate a genuine vendor through a genuine online research

banner2There are a few goods which always owe a special place in the hearts of the people and such fascinating products always win the heart of the people. The need of professional experts is seen in various sectors and people while looking for the leather goods that are perfect for the daily needs need to locate a genuine service provider.

  • Leather goods are of a great craze and people tend to choose the goods which are offered by the reputed leather manufacturer in Kolkata as reliable people provide the best goods. Earning apt leather products is easy only when you pick the best and finely finished goods which are designed with elegance and to offer a great comfort.

  • A majority of the manufacturers offer the goods that are with extraordinary finishing and the one designed for the convenience of the people. Locate the best and a genuine service provider who is one of the reputed leather exporter in India through a thorough online research as the licensed vendors offer amazing goods.

  • The reliable exporter as well as the manufacturer provides astonishing products and the elegant goods that are designed according to the market needs. The majority of the service providers offer the best and finely finished goods and even deliver the worthy goods right at the doorstep.

Through the online research, it is very simple to reach the leather exporter in Kolkata who accepts orders in bulk and deliver all the goods as per the choice within no time. The vendors attend the need immediately and offer outstanding quality products which are designed as per the standards and the one that satisfy the requirements. The comforting aspect is that with the certified vendor is that it is one amazing way to pick the appropriate goods that always owe a unique look.

Enjoy getting the right material and design the best leather products

dsc_2443Many of us love using leather goods which are perfectly finished and the one that is made using the leather suitable to the specific add on. Make sure that you locate the best place to purchase such raw material as there are several manufacturers who look after the high quality and convenient goods that are appropriate in designing the leather goods. Get the extraordinary finishing of the goods just by using the right material which is apt in manufacturing the products.

  • There are innumerable leather exporters in India who offer the best services along with the stylish products which are of great need.

  • Get the goods with extraordinary finishing and the right vendor always offer the timely services at a wholesale price.

  • People looking to enjoy the transparent dealings must always pick the who is licensed in offering the services and this is one ideal way to gain goods according to the requirement.

  • When you are looking for a dedicated leather manufacturer in Kolkata then it is time to rely over the genuine online research as the internet is one safe place that offers exceptional solutions.

  • It is a must to choose the reliable vendors as they provide worthy services at an affordable range of price.

  • Locating one who delivers the world class services along with the finest quality products is much simple when people start exploring the business page.

This is the only way to get the goods that are of wonderful quality and the trendy leather goods are apt to use as per the need. The comforting aspect with the online portals is that one can explore the gallery and then understand more regarding the price before purchasing a product. Not just the manufacturer, but people can easily find the leather exporter in Kolkata within no time as there are professionals who offer the best quality of the leather goods.

Want to know about the leather Manufacturers in Kolkata

factory-654x425Leather has become a very important part of daily life as there are many products that are manufactured using leather of all kind. With number of leather exporters in India dealing in number of leather products it is very difficult to pick up the right and trust worthy one.

With the number of products and variety of leathers available in market, the leather manufacturer face a lot of competition but, still there are some trustworthy and great suppliers of leather of all kind. Choosing between Leather Manufacturer in Kolkata is a tough job as there are different leathers that are provided by different dealers and are used for different purposes.

With the regular need of leather in market most of the leather providers have shifted to providing all type of leather like cow Leather, Buff Leather, Cow floater leather etc at one place. There are many leather exporter in India who provide the best quality leather material in all ranges of colors throughout the country and even abroad.

Do you know?

There are many types of leathers available in market and for which you have to hunt dealer by dealer and imagine how easy will it be to find all the types of leather at one single place. Won’t that be amazing? With effective and better way of purchasing leather this also eases the choice of dealer.

There are very few leather manufacturer in Kolkata who deal in best quality of leather material that is quiet famous throughout the state and even nation. With the availability of different leather materials at one place in Kolkata it beomes very easy for dealers to get the material they need at one place.

India is one of the top suppliers of leather among others with availability of wide range of leathers including Cow leather, buff leather of all kinds in all colors and materials.

What should be noted while selection of leather?

There are many points that should be noticed while purchasing any kind of leather includes checking whether the leather is Chromium-VI free not only that the leather’s quality can be easily tested by checking whether the leather is FFDC free or not as being free of FFDC is a sign of great quality leather. There is one mor sign that specifically decide the leather quality is high and that is being AZO free. Dealer should keep all these points clear up in thrie head as this will specify the best quality leather.

Selecting the top leather manufacturer is just not enough but, one should clearly keep a note on quality of leather they are purchasing as there are many Leather exporter in India providing wide ranges of all kind of leather. There are many colors that are available in all kind of leathers that are heavily useful for making leather products.

Finding the ultimate quality leather material is a challenge

285402Leather has become the essential part of the life as there are many routine commodities that are made of leather. In the city like Kolkata there are many leather manufacturers around. It is the most difficult task to choose the right manufacturer to get the high quality or desired quality leather and that too at the right price. There are many types of leather that are used for different purposes and that is manufactured separately, these types of leathers include: Cow Leather, Buff Leather, Snake Leather etc. Each manufacturer focuses on producing different leathers. The most famous kind of leather in demand is Cow Floater leather and with number of Cow Floater Leather manufacturer in Kolkata you will get the best quality as well.

There are many suppliers who deal in Cow floater Leather and among the different Cow Floater Leather manufacturer in Kolkata there are some specifically trusted suppliers as well and one should note that the quality id superior or as per their requirement before selecting the manufacturer and giving them the order. To specify the quality the leather should be tested to be chromium-VI free with that the cow floater leather should be FFDC free ad AZO free. There is wide variety of colors that it is available in so, be careful and select the best product.

There is several Buff Two tone Manufacturer in Kolkata who are providing the top notch quality of leather to the merchants hunting for it. The Buff Two Tone leather of high quality is always Chromium-VI free and is always AZO free as well. There is wide range of color availability as well in this leather. This type of leather is commonly used for making the shoes etc.

In the process of selection of leather material the quality is the major concern as the products has to be build out the raw material and if the raw material is not good then the product quality can never stand. There is a huge requirement of the Cow Crunch Leather and with many Cow Crunch Leather manufacturers in Kolkata, the selection of the best manufacturer has to be a difficult task. With all these varieties of leathers the dealers sometimes provide the leather as a mixture of chemicals that spoils the quality of it and hence, the dealers and buyers should remain very careful with the selection of their manufacturers. All the signs should be kept in mind to test the quality of leather.

The vast demand of the Cow Split Antique Leather manufacturer in Kolkata, has led many leather manufacturers to deal in it but well dealing is not just enough but, delivering the best material is what counts and there are many old trusted manufacturers who bring on the best material for the dealers and among them is the well renowned Ahmed enterprises, who have been dealing in the manufacturing of leather since more than a decade now and are have become one of the trusted leather brands in Kolkata.

The unknown jewel of India – leather goods manufactures in India and Kolkata

image1-001The Indian leather industry has come a long way to be producing goods and services worth $11 Billion in beginning of 2016. The leather goods manufacturer India caters to both, domestic and international clients. It has established itself as synonym for high quality, consistency, durability and class. Presently, the Indian leather industry operates majorly from seven hubs.

One of these hubs is the Kolkata in the state of West Bengal. Similar to the meticulously made amazing goddess Durga idols, the perfect blend of sight, aroma and taste of the world famous macher jhol, the leather goods manufacturer Kolkata takes pride in perfection in their work. With around 500 tanneries, currently Kolkata is second most important tanning center in India. It handles 20% to 25% of the entire leather tanning needs in India. This hub also proudly handles 55% exports of all leather exports from India!

Way back in 40s, the leather goods manufacturer Kolkata were mainly into tanning. However, since then, they have rapidly moved up the value chain particularly after the 1990s when the Government of India recognized leather industry as one of the focus areas and created suitably encouraging regulations to promote growth and expansion. Over the years, the leather industry in Kolkata has tirelessly worked upon consolidating its core strength in tanning. It also swiftly branched off to side products. These systematic efforts have been paying off by dramatically changing how the leather industry from Kolkata is viewed by the world. In addition to retaining its crown to be continuously counted among the top raw leather supplier or tanning service provider, now the leatherwork from Kolkata is also renowned for its products.

Today the leather industry, particularly the Kolkata leather industry, makes the entire breadth of leather products. The range spans to cover consumer goods and leather needs of other businesses. On the consumer product side, the Kolkata leather industry is well known for producing every single leather product that people use in their day-to-day lives such as belts, footwear, wallets, women purses, women handbags, etc. Another exceptional aspect about the Kolkata leather industry is that its products cover the entire price points – from basic items to exquisite ultra-luxury items. Like the other leather goods manufacturer India, the leather goods manufacturer Kolkata are not shy to flex their muscles worldwide. Competing head-on with the best leather stalwarts from around the world, the Kolkata leather manufactures are leaving their paw marks all over the globe including the excruciatingly demanding fashion industry in Europe. It is this plethora of products and services, knitted by steel of untiring work day after day, incredible teamwork, and persistently challenging itself to raise the bar, which makes the Kolkata leather industry as well as the India leather industry to be the all rounded winner.